Civil Servants are a category of Master Specialists.



Manager: -x% maintenance cost.

Influential: +x happiness.

Commander: -x% penalties of fear and crowdedness. Over a threshold of x, the unit also gives Inspiration Aid.


  • Agricultural
  • Charismatic
  • Creative
  • Expansive
  • Financial
  • Imperialistic
  • Industrious
  • Militaristic
  • Organized
  • Philosophical
  • Protective
  • Seafarer
  • Enlightened
  • Humanitarian


Civil Servants can:

  • Garrison in the capital as a Head of State
  • Garrison in a city as a Governor
  • Garrison in a city as a Bureaucrat
  • Garrison on a worker unit as an Overseer
  • Garrison on a military unit as a Commander.

Head of State

As the Head of State, this civil servant's traits take effect throughout the civilization.


As a Governor, the city's management is improved, lessening waste from mismanagement, and local stability is improved. The benefits of all buildings increase by a percentage proportional to the governer's level of management. Also, the Governor's traits take effect in this city.


Bureaucrats join cities that already have a governor, and its skill points are added to the governors. Or, a bureaucrat can be specifically tasked to an aspect of the city: to a building project to speed up the production of some building or unit, to increase the culture, science, gold, espionage or education rate, or to improve local stability.


An overseer decreases the build time of all workers on a plot.


Alleviates the effects of crowding in a unit stack, improves unit healing rates, increases fortification points and rates, increases bombardment rates for seige weapons, reduces the effect of fear from enemy units, and, in particularly skilled commanders, provides Inspiration.

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