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Changes to the cultural aspect of Civ IV[]

Culturally traceable technologies[]

One goal of this mod is to make the acquiring of technologies a matter more of strategy instead of sitting, and that most technologies will only be able to be got through trade. A consequence of this is that the players that discover a technology independently receive cultural bonuses.

Technologies have cultural flavour based on the players who independently discover it, and this cultural flavour traceable when technologies are traded. For example, if you discover a technology and trade to a neighbour, depending on the nature of the technology, you receive culture points each turn for his using your technology. From this, your two civilizations will receive diplomatic bonuses between each other because of your cultural ties. If this player in turn trades the technology to another player, you receive culture points from the third player, and diplomatic bonuses. If the second player later has contact with another player that independently researched the tech that you traded him, he can switch to the cultural flavour of the new civilization, thus gaining the diplomatic bonus with him and giving him the culture bonus, and cutting ties with your civilization.

The most significant culturally traceable aspects are controlled through the Culture Builder.

Culture Builder[]

The culture builder provides a comprehensive interface of all the cultural aspects of the game.

Civics have their own adviser. The civics form the government and its domestic policies.

Religion has its own adviser.

Technology where the player can view the choices of cultural flavours for a single technology, and choose their cultural ties.

Wonders where the player can view benefits from his wonders.

Quests where the player can view benefits from his quests.

Leaders ?maybe? player can choose leader for civilization

Civilization where the player can view his civilizations bonuses.

Civic-structured Categories