Alliott Mod Wiki

Rebel Leaders do everything they can to bring your government down from the inside out. The unit is controlled by the Barbarians.


A rebel leader spawns every time one of your cities revolts.


Rebel leaders can:

  • Join a city as an Underground Leader
  • Join a rebel or barbarian unit as a Rebel Commander
  • Go into exile to help rival civilizations to plot against you.

Underground Leaders increase local and national instability, and create three or more unhappiness points, depending on the city's size and morality. They also triple the negative effects of any enemy spy activity. Underground leaders are invisible to you, and can only be seen with a spy. Your spy then has the ability to assissinate the rebel leader.

Joining to a military unit as a Rebel Commander is the barbarian's equivalent of a Great General joining to a military unit.

The rebel leader can go into exile, travelling to rival civilizations bringing diplomancy penalties to you and espionage bonuses against you.