Alliott Mod Wiki

You have 4 types of religions all with a different way of being implemented. The 4 types are as follows.

1.Families--These are basic culturally related religious beliefs. These are the names you see as Nordic for example. These are the first stages of religion, and are founded at the start of your civilization building its first city.

2.Cults (try the Greeks for an example)--These require a family in order to be made. Similar to how religions are in the Gods of Old mod. Each are focused on one god from the family. Like for example Zeus being a cult of Hellenism. These will require a building to built similar to Gods of Old.

3.Faiths--These are the standard religions as found in BtS. These are founded via a technology. These from the parent in a parent child relationship with the child being the denominations. For example Catholic being a parent and Protestant being a splinter off of Christianity.

4.Denominations--These are like the faiths but are founded by a prophet performing a religious schism. Schisms can occur in two ways: Via a prophet mission, and based on game years.