Alliott Mod Wiki

Many units have the ability to be equipped with different types of weapons and armor to improve their abilities in one area
(often at the expense of abilities in another). Sometimes equipment will become obsolete and will be able to be replaced
by better equipment. In order to upgrade equipment, units must not have moved and must be in a friendly city. Instead of
requiring experience like promotions, equipment requires gold. When a unit has been equipped, it finishes its turn.


Armours: Leather, Bronze Scale, Bronze Plate, Iron Scale, Mail, Plate; each adds -10% Strength from enemy Melee and Mounted, -5% from enemy Archery
Shields: Wood, Bronze Reinforced, Iron Reinforced; -10% Strength from enemy Archery
Guisarme: Counters non-gunpowder armours 25%
Polearm: +25% Strength against Melee and Mounted, can’t be combined with shields

Gunpowder Refittings:
Flak armour: -10% Strength from enemy Gunpowder
Light Machine Gun Squad: +15% Strength against Gunpowder
Armour Penetration Gun: +15% Strength against Armour
Flame Thrower: +30% City and Fortification attack

From Dom Pedro II's Test of Time:

Name Slot Function Prereqs Available To Gold Cost
Matchlock Primary Weapon Default -  Musketman
Flintlock Primary Weapon +1 Strength Replaceable Parts Musketman 10
Rockets Primary Weapon +50% vs. Armor -25% Interception Rocketry Fighter 50
Machine Gun Primary Weapon +50% vs. Air - Fighter 30
Torpedoes Primary Weapon +150% vs. Sea; -50% vs. Air & Land; -50% Interception - Fighter 30
Anti-Air Defenses Secondary Weapon +25% vs. Air; -5% Air Bomb Rate - Bomber, Jet Bomber 50
2 Engines Propulsion  +5% Air Bomb Rate - Bomber 25
4 Engines Propulsion +3 Tile Range - Bomber 50

Light Armor Armor Tank
Heavy Armor Armor +25% Combat Str; +10% vs. Armor Tank 50
Assault Rifle Primary Weapon +2 Strength Marines, Infantry, Paratroopers
Body Armor Armor +2 Strength Composites Marines, Infantry, Paratroopers
Composite Bow Primary Weapon +1 Strength Archers, Horse Archers 10
Steam Engine Propulsion +1 Movement; +20% Withdrawal Steam Power Frigates, Ships of the Line 100
Rifled Cannon Primary Weapon +1 Strength; +1 First Strike Rifling Frigates, Ships of the Line, Ironclads 100
Leather Armor Armor +15% Withdrawal, Heals +10% each Turn Swordsman, Axeman 0

Plate Armor Armor +20% Strength Bronze or Iron Swordsman, Axeman, Maceman, Pikeman 30
Chainmail Armor +15% Strength, -10% Withdrawal Bronze or Iron Swordsman, Axeman, Maceman, Pikeman 10
Shield Shield +20% vs. Melee, -10% Withdrawal Bronze or Iron Swordsman, Axeman, Maceman, Pikeman 10
Cuirass Armor +10% Strength, +10% Withdrawal Bronze or Iron Swordsman, Axeman, Maceman, Pikeman 15